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Searching for takeaway food - we help you find new takeaways and order food directly from them, through our interactive online menu system.

What's the benefit over a phone?

Your order will never be mis-heard, you won't ever get an engaged phone line. You can browse by food type and compare prices ensuring a bargain. You can also order first and pick your food up later - so you don't have to wait.

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We're a member of SA's largest online takeaway food ordering network with the best search engine coverage.

Why would you willingly write off 8-10% of your gross profit? Our competitors charge around 8-10% commission per order received through their sites, that's 8-10% of your money! And you have to lease a printer from some of them on top as an extra monthly cost! Not to mention set-up fees that some of them charge; we don't!

These could be customers who would have ordered from you anyway...and what if your regular customers start ordering online - simply say goodbye to 8-10% of your profit.

We, as an alternative, are completely 100% free for the first whole year of use and get just as many online visitors as they do. No strings or contracts. After this first year, you only pay R50 per month pay-as-you-go subscription IN TOTAL. Nothing more. Opt out anytime. No surprises.

We provide the same service as our competitors, but at a fraction of the price and you will get just as much traffic if not more as you will be listed on all 5 of our separate websites (fetchmydinner.co.za, orderfoodonline.co.za, takeawaysonline.co.za, ordertakeaway.co.za &, of course, this site: ordertakeawayonline.co.za which form part of our network.

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